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Australia has three months to find a 2026 Commonwealth Games host city as three other candidates emerge for the event.

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) hierarchy said on Wednesday that finding an Australian host for the 2026 edition remains the priority while appealing for government support.

Chris Jenkins was voted president at the CGF’s general assembly in Singapore on Wednesday on a platform of “remodelling” the Games.

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The Welshman takes the top seat amid the crisis of the host-less 2026 Games after the Victorian government, citing cost blowouts, pulled out in July.

Gold Coast mayor, Tom Tate, has offered to step in for an estimated A$700m cost but Queensland’s government has ruled out support.

Katie Sadleir, chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, and newly elected president Chris Jenkins at the body’s assembly in Singapore on Wednesday.Katie Sadleir, chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, and newly elected president Chris Jenkins at the body’s assembly in Singapore on Wednesday. Photograph: Annice Lyn/Getty Images for the Commonwealth Games Federation

CGF chief executive, Katie Sadleir, says three other unnamed regions have emerged as potential candidates to host a Games in 2026 or 2027.

“We have been working intensely with Commonwealth Games Australia,” Sadleir told reporters on Wednesday night.

“They are very, very keen to keep the Games in Australia and so we’re working to support them with their inquiries.

“And then there are three other regions that we are having conversations with but they are very much of a preliminary sort of stage.

“But our aim is to be in a situation early in the new year to make a call on where a Games might go in 2026, 2027 or whether or not we might do something a bit different.

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“We have started looking at alternative models and we’ll be continuing on with that work as well as we seek a host for ‘26.

“… Nothing is sure. It’s a very short period of time for which to find a host.”

Sadleir said a decision was likely in February and postponing the Games until 2027 was on the table.

Craig Phillips, chief executive of Commonwealth Games Australia, briefed nations at the Singapore general assembly as he awaits a formal proposal from the Gold Coast, the host of the 2018 Games.

“They have still got to work through internally what that could look like and also any ongoing conversations with the Queensland government in terms of their support,” Phillips said.

“Clearly a Games anywhere in Australia needs a lot of state government support.”

Phillips said other Commonwealth nations wanted Australia to host the next Games.

“There is a lot of support from our colleagues for the Games to still happen in Australia somewhere, which has been encouraging,” he said. “They have thrown their support behind us doing that.”

Phillips said CGA would also continue canvassing other Australian states, though none have yet expressed interest.

“Obviously we’re preparing for conversations with different states, the work continues between us and the CGF in terms of framing what that could look like,” he said.

“Being here and meeting with the CGF has given us an opportunity to progress things, but we’re still in that situation of getting ourselves ready for those conversations.”