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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A looming government shutdown threatens to claw its way into a crowd-pleasing Alaska tradition: Fat Bear Week. Alaska’s most-watched popularity contest, Fat Bear Week involves residents picking their favorite fat brown bear who’s been stocking up for winter by noshing on salmon in Katmai National Park & Preserve. Viewers of the

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — iHeartRadio has unveiled its star-studded 2023 Jingle Ball lineup, including performances by Olivia Rodrigo, Usher, Nicki Minaj, SZA, Niall Horan, and Jelly Roll. The 11-city tour will hit New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlanta, the Dallas-Fort Worth area and, in Florida, Tampa and the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area.

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MADRID (AP) — A new animal welfare law that took effect Friday in Spain outlaws the use of animals for recreational activities that cause them pain and suffering but allows bullfights and hunting with dogs. Spain’s first specific animal rights legislation is intended to crack down on abuses. The law particularly targets the mistreatment of

HANGZHOU, China (AP) — If you’re looking for another kind of esport to follow from the Asian Games, try the centuries-old card game of bridge. Here the “e” would stand for “elderly” to represent the game’s aging demographic — not for “electronic” as in the youth-driven online gaming that’s proving to be one of the

COLCHANE, Chile (AP) — In northern Chile, Teófila Challapa learned to weave surrounded by the hills and sandy roads of the Atacama Desert. “Spin the threads, girl,” her grandmother told her a half a century ago. Aymara women like Challapa, now 59, become acquainted with wool threads under blue skies and air so thin that

PARIS (AP) — In a bold departure from the somber farewells often seen in fashion, designer Gabriela Hearst literally danced her way out of Chloé at her final show Thursday, radiating pure, unapologetic joy. Rather than poignant goodbyes, Hearst opted for lively samba beats, prompting tears of endearment from onlookers as she lithely pirouetted past

CHICAGO (AP) — United Airlines has agreed to improve air travel for passengers in wheelchairs after the federal government investigated a complaint by a disability-rights advocate. United and the Transportation Department said Thursday that the airline will add a filter to the booking tool on its website to help consumers find flights on which the

HONG KONG (AP) — Many millions of Chinese tourists are expected to travel within their country, splurging on hotels, tours, attractions and meals in a boost to the economy during the 8-day autumn holiday period that began Friday. This year’s holiday began with the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday and also includes the Oct. 1 National