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Weather tracker: dry September in parts of Europe leaves rivers running low

River levels in parts of Europe have once again reached significant lows after conditions that were drier and warmer than normal across central and western parts of Europe through September and the first week of October.

In Germany, levels for the River Rhine have been steadily lowering since the end of September and are now running well below the normal level of 1.75m or so, with the key chokepoint of Kaub recorded at 90cm on 8 October.

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The Kaub chokepoint, to the west of Frankfurt, holds immense significance for transportation. Water depths in the Kaub area are crucial for barges because they determine whether these vessels can navigate the river safely and efficiently. When water levels in the Rhine are too low, it becomes difficult for fully loaded barges to pass through the chokepoint without running aground or sustaining damage to their hulls. In such cases, operators may need to reduce the cargo load of barges, resulting in increased transportation costs and delays.

Through much of this week, high pressure will continue to bring mostly dry conditions across central Europe, likely leading to further reductions in river levels. Showery rain is expected in northern and eastern parts of Germany this week. However, there is little prospect of any significant improvement over the next two weeks.

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